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Friday, March 11, 2016

KNS On Tour - Dublin City 1916 - 2016!!!

We had a great day today bringing nearly our whole school on tour into Dublin City!!! We saw the GPO, scene of the main Easter Rising battles. Our senior classes walked the battles routes from the Rotunda Hospital, into Moore Street and onto Henry Street. We all visited Trinity College and we finished off in Stephen's Green - hearing that the gun battles stopped on both sides in 1916, so that Park Ranger James Kearney could feed the ducks and tend to the broken flowers!  Finally, senior classes visited the Ashbourne 1916 Thomas Ashe Monument - proving that Risings happened all over Ireland back in 1916, including in school's own local area! Big thanks and well done to our staff and the very kind parents who came along to help make this another great day in the history of KNS!!!

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