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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Healthy Eating & Healthy Living in KNS


                                                                                                    10th May 2016 
Dear Parents & Guardians,

Next week will be Active School Week in KNS, during which we will have lots of PE type activities every day. This is to encourage our pupils to be healthy and fit. In preparation for this, on Thursday and Friday of this week we are delighted to be hosting nutritionist, food and health Presenter Niamh Arthurs in our school. 

Over the 2 days, Niamh will host a number of workshops with all class levels talking about healthy lifestyles and the importance of good nutrition. On Thursday night at 7.30pm Niamh will present a talk for parents in the school on healthy eating – to which you are all invited. Tea, coffee and slices of raw turnip (just kidding, biscuits!) will be available. Thanks to our Parents Association who are funding these events.

Please note that during the children’s school workshops there will be food tasting available to all. All parents at point of enrolment were asked to inform the school if their child had any serious medical issues but to insure our records are up to date, please inform us by tomorrow, Wednesday 11th May 2016 on the slip below of any specific food allergies which your child has been diagnosed with to insure your child’s safe participation in the workshops.  If your child does not have any allergies, there is no need to return the slip.

Best wishes,
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Priomhoide

-----------------------To be returned to Kilcoskan NS by Wednesday 11th May 2016---------------------- 

My child___________________________________is allergic to ______________________. The allergic reaction presents as_________________________. My child’s doctor is _______________________doctor’s phone:_____________________. 
Signature of parent:_____________________________ Date:__________________________

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