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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kilcoskan NS Board of Management Vote

                                                                                                                  11th February 2015
Dear Parents,
As communicated to you all last term, there is currently a vacancy on our Board of Management, eligible to be filled by a mother of a child / children in our school. 

Ms. Lorna Moore and Ms. Aisling Ahern have been nominated and will now stand for election for this position, in line with Department of Education procedures. All parents are invited to vote for one of these 2 candidates, by completing the attached voting slips. 2 such slips are enclosed to facilitate mothers and fathers in households who wish to vote to do so. Note however that there is only one vote allowed per individual parent. 

Both candidates have provided short biographies for your consideration.  As a parent of a child / children in Kilcoskan NS you now have until 12pm on Monday 2nd March 2015 to vote and return your ballot paper to the school. A ballot box for this purpose will be in reception up to 12pm on March 2nd

At 2.40pm on 2nd March the Returning Officer will count the votes for each candidate in the school’s staff room. Parents are welcome to attend this count. As per Department of Education procedures, the first past the post system will be used to determine the vote and in the event of a tie the election will be determined by the drawing of lots.

Yours faithfully,
Mr.Tom Winters, Chairperson

Kilcoskan NS Board of Management

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