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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kilcoskan NS September Newsletter for Parents

                                                                                   2nd September 2014 
Dear Parents / A Thuismitheoiri,

Welcome back to the new school year in Kilcoskan NS – I hope that you and your child enjoyed the summer holidays. Like last year, I will issue a monthly newsletter at the start of each month to keep you informed of all the goings on in our school. This will also be uploaded to the news section of our website www.kilcoskan.com.  Best wishes to your child for the school year ahead and without further ado, the following is some important information for this September.
Is mise le meas,

Mr.Ciaran Caulfield, Priomhoide

Our new pedestrian entrance is in place. Pupils in the morning should enter the yard through this pedestrian gate which is to the left of the main school building. The set-down area which is inside school grounds cannot be used yet – not until the road markings for it have been painted on and we are given the go-ahead for its safe and proper use. At the moment, only transport vehicles for our pupils with special needs are using the set-down area.
School uniforms: All pupils must wear the full school uniform including black or navy shoes / runners on all days apart from tracksuit days. Tracksuit days are Tuesdays and Fridays.
School Fees: If you have not already done so, it is important that you make arrangements that school fees for your child’s book rental and educational resources as listed on booklists are paid into reception by this Friday. Receipts are issued for all fees paid.
The yard is supervised from 8.50am and no children should be on school grounds before this time. 
Lunches: In line with the school’s healthy eating policy crisps, chewing gum, chocolate bars, sweets, fizzy and isotonic drinks are not allowed at any time.  On special occasions (eg. Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.) we do have school parties with treats but in the main, we want to educate all our pupils for a healthy life so please support this policy by not providing junk food for your child’s lunch.
Punctuality: The school bell goes at 9am and all pupils are then accompanied by their teacher to class. On rare occasions it is understandable that a child may be delayed but this cannot be allowed to become the norm. Where any child is late in any class, lessons have to stop to let the child know what they have missed and this can be upsetting for the late child and his / her classmates. Parents of late children must personally sign-in their children at reception. Punctuality will be closely monitored.
If pupils must go home early, parents must personally collect and sign-out their child from reception only.
After the 9am bell, for child protection and safety reasons, parents may not enter the yard or the school building from the pedestrian gate.  Any parents arriving to school after 
PTO ->
9am for any and all matters must report to reception.  Again, for child protection reasons, parents may never enter classrooms unaccompanied by staff.
If parents wish to meet with teachers an appointment should be made through reception. Informal pre-school chats (for 1 or 2 minutes) may be had before / after school depending on teacher availability.  

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