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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Extra Curricular Activities for 1st - 6th Class Term 1 & Harvest Fair

For Parents of 1st – 6th Class Pupils
                                                                                                         6th October 2016
Dear Parents,
The purpose of this letter is to give you information about 2 great upcoming events in KNS – the Harvest Fair and the launch of this term’s extra-curricular program.

Firstly, regarding Harvest Fair: Noting that the weather can get a bit cooler and damper towards the end of October, I and our staff have decided that it would be a sensible idea to bring Harvest Fair forward to Friday October 14th (from later in the month, as previously indicated by September’s newsletter).

What is the Harvest Fair theme?
·         It’s a whole school celebration of harvest where we do lots of lessons on Autumn and the harvest, leading to a whole school Autumn / harvest themed day.
What does this mean for parents?
·         It means that pupils may dress up on Friday 14th October on the harvest theme – as farmers, scarecrows etc. Please don’t feel under pressure to put together a very fancy costume for your child -  a pair of old jeans and an old shirt will do nicely, but of course if your child wishes to do something fancier, that’s great too.
·         As your child will participate in our whole school KNS Conker Competition on the day, your child can bring in lots of conkers to play with between now and the 14th October.  If your child doesn’t bring any conkers in, not to worry, we have already gathered up almost 600 and they will be distributed over the coming days.
·         Finally, like in previous years, parents are welcome at the school from 1-2pm (approximately) on KNS Harvest Day – 14th October. This year, we’ll be holding a short KNS Harvest Show, with some singing and dancing.  It promises to be a nice mix of fun educational activities.

Secondly, regarding our KNS Extra-Curricular Program for term 1:

We are please again to offer an exciting and fun extra curricular program again this term, with something for everyone from 1st – 6th class. Each activity runs for 6 sessions over six weeks. Thanks to our staff who provide these activities entirely voluntarily – the Board however asks for €6 in advance per child per activity. That works out at just €1 per session.                                                                                                                                                                                    PTO ->
The following are the Term 1 KNS Extra Curricular Activities:
Class Level
Staff Involved
Science Club

1st & 2nd Class
Teacher Valerie & Brian

3rd – 6th Class
Deirdre, June & Rosemary
Arts & Crafts

3rd – 6th Class
Teacher Caroline & Ana
Cake Decorating

1st & 2nd Class
Teachers Aoife & Trish, Michelle & Volunteer Mam. Audrey
Guitar Class

3rd – 6th Class
Mr.C & Teacher Helen

Please complete the form below and return it by Monday 10th October at the latest if your child is interested in any of the activities – be sure to list the activities of choice in order of preference. Whilst we’ll try to accommodate everyone, if more pupils are interested than there is space available, names will be drawn from a hat.  Once places are allocated, they will be confirmed by a call to parents on Monday and pupils may bring the €6 to the first sessions next Tuesday or Wednesday.
Best wishes,
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Priomhoide

---------To be detached and returned to KNS by Monday 10th October 2016 at the latest-----------

My child____________________________________ is interested in the following KNS Extra Curricular Term 1 activities, in order of preference:
1________________ 2_____________________ 3 _________________________   Signed: _______________________________________________ Date:________

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