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Thursday, September 15, 2016

National Fitness Day and Jersey Day in KNS!

                                                         15th September 2016
Dear Parents,

Tomorrow is National Fitness Day. So, to be a part of the event we’re going to have a fitness themed day in Kilcoskan NS for our pupils. We’ll start the day with Feet First Friday, walking to school from the Coolquay Lodge at 8.50am. Our 5th & 6th class pupils will then be participating in a GAA blitz in Erin’s Isle club. The remainder of our pupils will do extra PE and some fun “Ireland Active” themed events. If your child has a skipping rope, please ask them to bring it to school tomorrow.

This is all part of our work towards “Active School” status, it’s good for our pupil’s health and it’s a nice follow on from our healthy eating initiatives last term too. Well done and thanks to all who have been following our new Healthy Eating Policy.

Finally, as the men’s All Ireland Football Finals will be on this Sunday, tomorrow will be our Goal Jersey Day too. We suggest a donation of €2 to Goal for your child to wear a Dubs jersey or any jersey of their choice. If your child doesn’t have a jersey that’s totally fine, they can wear a top with the color of their favorite county or country.  If the weather is nice, pupils can wear sports shorts tomorrow too.

Best wishes,

Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Priomhoide

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