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Friday, September 9, 2016

KNS Healthy Eating Policy

Kilcoskan NS Healthy Eating Policy
The aim of this policy is to ensure that Kilcoskan NS pupils eat a healthy, well-balanced lunch consistent with the school’s promotion of a healthy lifestyle for all its pupils. By encouraging healthy eating patterns informed by established, evidence backed biological and nutritional science, we help children to be healthy now and encourage good habits for lifelong health.
Healthy Lunch Suggestions:
We encourage children to choose from the following foods regularly:

·        Brown Bread / scones
·        Pitta bread
·        Fruit
·        Raw vegetables / salads
·        Cheese, lean meat, eggs, fish
·        Raisins
·        Yoghurt or Yoghurt Drinks
·        Milk
·        Water
·        Fruit juices
·        Soup
·        Wholegrain biscuit

The 4 Cs are not allowed at any time:
Chewing Gum, Crisps, Chocolate bars and Candy (sweets). Note also that fizzy drinks and energy / isotonic drinks are also not allowed.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Role of Parents:
To provide a healthy well-balanced lunch for children
To encourage healthy eating
To inform the school of any child’s special dietary needs / allergies
To support and implement school policy by not allowing their children to bring chewing gum, crisps, chocolate bars, candy (sweets), or fizzy / isotonic drinks to school.
Parents are asked not to provide sugary / isotonic drinks or foods even for sports events.
Kilcoskan NS is a Green School. From September 2016 all lunch waste will go home with children in their lunchboxes and this is something parents are asked to keep in mind when preparing lunches.
Role of Children:
To eat their lunch
To bring home packaging and any uneaten lunch
To help make their lunches and remind parents of the Healthy Lunch Policy
Not to bring chewing gum, crisps, chocolate bars, candy or fizzy / isotonic energy drinks to school
Role of School:
To arrange for a supply of plain milk (cows milk) to be available for purchase in school. Annually, the school will hold health and healthy eating themed events / periods.  During such events, the school will of course promote and encourage healthy eating – as it will continuously through delivery of the Social, Personal and Health Education curriculum in classes. Innovative displays / actions to encourage healthy eating from the start of the school year will be encouraged. At times during the school year, healthy eating flyers will be provided or talks held for parents.

If children bring chewing gum, crisps, chocolate bars candy (sweets) or fizzy / isotonic energy drinks to school they may not be allowed to consume them while in school. If children have these foods and nothing else for their lunch a lunch (eg. bread / cheese / fruit) may be provided by the school on the day and the matter will be brought to the attention of parents. If necessary, meetings with parents may be held.
This policy will be implemented from the start of the 2016 school year. A copy of The Healthy Food Pyramid and healthy eating guidelines will be on display in every classroom from the start of the school year and will be referred to regularly.  Note that on very rare, special occasions pupils may receive food treats eg. Halloween, Pancake Day, Christmas Concerts, School Tours.

Date for review of Healthy Eating Policy: June 2017

Click here for link to HSE's Healthy Lunchboxes leaflet

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