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Friday, January 9, 2015

KNS News for January 2015 - Happy New Year to All!

                                           9th January 2015

A Thuismitheoiri / Dear Parents,
Happy new year to all and welcome back to Kilcoskan NS for the second term! This promises to be another busy and exciting term...and it’ll be the last term before we move into our shiny new school, which is on schedule for us to move into after Easter! So, without further ado, here is the news for the month ahead.
Best wishes,
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Priomhoide

A big welcome to our 2 new teachers Muinteoir Valerie in 5th and 6th class and Muinteoir Muireann in resource teaching. Both ladies will be working here covering maternity leaves, until the end of this school year. Muinteoir Valerie and I will be hosting a coffee morning / “meet and greet” for parents of 5th & 6th class pupils in our staff room next Friday 16th January from 9am-9.30am, all 5th &6th class parents welcome.
Parent – Teacher Meetings: This school year’s parent-teacher meetings will be held in February with dates and other details to follow next week.  Following talks with our Parents Association, all parents are being asked to state their preference as to when they would like the parent-teacher meetings next school year (2015-2016). Please complete and return the attached form to the school by Wednesday 14th January.
The first trees for our new school garden are being delivered and planted next week.  All pupils will be helping to plant the trees and will need to bring in wellies / old shoes to change into for the planting. Your child’s teacher will confirm which day your child needs to bring these in. Also, we will be planting flower bulbs next week too and parents are asked to donate some bulbs for planting (eg. tulips, hyacinths, crocuses, snow drops, bluebells, lilies, dahlias etc. – anything! Just check what’s available in your local garden centre.) Thanks to those parents who have already given in bulbs. We hope to have the plan for our garden design available for display next week too.
Our after-school activities programme will re-start towards the end of January / early February. Timetables etc. will be provided later this month.
For planning ahead:
o In line with Department of Education policy, our school will close at 1.40pm on Monday 16th February 2014 for all pupils, to facilitate an extended staff meeting.  A text message reminder will be sent prior to the date.
o Term 2 midterm break: school will close on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th February.

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