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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Using our new school set-down area safely

21st October 2014
A Thuismitheoiri / Dear Parents,

I am pleased to say that the school set-down area is now ready for use by all parents. Please note that the set-down area is inside school grounds and so the following rules for its use apply:

·        It is a one-way only set-down area. Cars may only enter from the Coolquay Lodge side of the school and may only exit from the garden centre side for set-down or to turn.
·        Parents may not pull-in and park indefinitely in the set-down areas to the side of the driveway. Drop off / pick up stoppages must be no more than 1 or 2 minutes maximum.  Only parents / guardians of pupils with special needs may park a little longer if needs be.
·        When exiting back to the roadway inside school grounds, parents must drive very slowly, no greater than 10 kilometres per hour. Although pedestrians including children should only use the footpaths, when driving inside school grounds parents must be very careful and very wary of the possibility of pedestrians including children in this area.
The use of the set-down area by all members of our school community will be monitored over the coming weeks and if necessary, further communications will be
made.  A yellow no-parking clearway will be painted on the main road to the front of
our set-down area soon but of course it goes without saying that nobody should ever block off the school’s entrance or exit.

As in the past, in the event of any dangerous driving behavior, the Gardai may be called if necessary.

Is mise le meas / yours faithfully,

Mr.CiarĂ¡n Caulfield, Principal

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