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Monday, December 2, 2013

Information for Parents

Dear Parents,
It’s December already, the final month of our busy first term.  The following is some news to keep you informed of the goings on in Kilcoskan National School.
Best wishes,
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Principal

·         The Great Kilcoskan Christmas Concert 2013: Wednesday 18th December to start at 7pm in the Coolquay Lodge. (We have liaised with our Parents Association in setting this time, balancing the needs of younger children’s bedtime with the needs of parents who work etc. but also want to see the show.) The concert will have 3 parts. Part 1: (V.Small!) Christmas Fair. Part2: Junior infants-2nd class show. Part 3: 3rd class-6th class show, followed by some festive songs to finish.  Your child’s class teacher will in the coming days let you know what clothes / costume your child may need for their show. Admission: €2 on the door for adults, all children are free.
·         Concert Raffle: In between Parts 2 and 3 above the Parents Association will be running a raffle with some super prizes to be won including hampers of goodies and 2 tickets to see Manchester United play Cardiff City in Old Trafford in January!!! All donations of prizes will be gratefully received and all money raised from the raffle will be put directly towards resources for the school.
·         Christmas Cards: Lovely, individually designed by each child Christmas cards available for order from the school now. Place your orders ASAP priced at €2.50 for 1, €5 for 3 and €10 for 10.
·         Santa: The man in red will visit our school on Thursday morning 19th December.
·         Coffee Meetings: Thank you to all parents who attended our recent infant and special education coffee morning / afternoon.
·         School Photos: Envelopes must be returned by Wednesday 4th December 2013.
·         School Closure for Christmas: School closes on Friday 20th December at 12noon and reopens for all pupils at 9am on Monday 6th January, as per the standardized school calendar of the Department of Education.

·         Visitors to school: All visitors, ie.all non-staff coming to the school between the hours of 9am and 1.40 / 2.40pm must report to reception and sign the visitors book / sign out their child etc. For child protection reasons and indeed so as not to disturb lessons it is absolutely unacceptable for parents to bypass reception, walk into their child’s class and take their child without signing the register at reception.

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