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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Kilcoskan NS Harvest Fair

Dear Parents / Guardians,

 This is a short update on the plans for our first ever Harvest Fair!  Key points:
·        Date: Friday 11th October.
·        Parents welcome? Very! Please call in between 1pm and 3pm.
·        Why? We’ll have lots of nice things – tea, coffee, cakes, breads and fruit for sale, activities to watch and there’ll be a raffle for adults, plus a free one for our pupils who dress up. You might also like to join in our barn dance!
·        Dress up – what does that mean? Pupils may dress up as scarecrows, farmers or as anything that’s on the harvesty theme for the day on Friday. Those who do will enter a free raffle. All pupils should wear or bring wellington boots / boots too.
·        What’ll be going on? During the full day in school we’ll have visiting farmers, we’ll have a barn dance, we’ll have fun harvesty activities (eg.roll the hay bale etc.), we’ll have a barbecue, our conker competition will be on and more!!!
·        Does our harvest fair cost anything for pupils? We ask for 2 Euro from all pupils for their barbecue, a sweet treat and entrance into the dress up raffle.  Your child might also like to buy some books from our book stalls where books will be about 20c – 50c each so an additional Euro or so per child is plenty.

Hopefully you can visit Kilcoskan NS on Friday between 1pm – 3pm to join in the fun!  If parents would be so kind as to bake bread or a cake for sale at the fair that’d be great too – please drop them in Friday morning.

Kind regards,
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Principal

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