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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1st Day Back to School Notices

                                                                                                                   28th August 2013
Dear Parents,
The following is some "back to school" information:

 All pupils must have a small hand towel for drying hands in school – this is more hygienic and prevents toilets from being blocked with tissue.
·        Fees: Please insure that your child’s book rental / educational resource fees (as shown on book lists provided and online www.kilcoskan.com) are paid by Tuesday 3rd September 2013, in a clearly marked envelope.
·         Lost property: Many coats / jumpers etc. were left behind by pupils before the holidays. Black sacks of lost property will be at the front gate at pick up times up to Monday 2nd September.
·         To avoid increasing the school’s supply of lost property, your child must have their name written on all their possessions, including uniform, in permanent marker.
·         Reminder: Lessons start from 9am and the yard is supervised from 8.50am. We ask that pupils are dropped between 8.50am and 9am.
·         Lateness: Pupils who arrive even minutes late disrupt class routines. Parent must accompany late pupils from all classes to reception and sign their child into the late register.
·         At collection times, if you have other children please do not allow them to run around on school grounds or to climb on the front wall.
·         Our second special class has opened today. I am pleased to inform you that The Board of Management continues to work in partnership with the Department of Education planning  our school extension. Further information on this matter will be provided in due course.
·         Our school Parents Handbook contains further information, policies and procedures for Kilcoskan NS. All parents should have received a copy of this and it can be viewed online at www.kilcoskan.com

With best wishes for the school year ahead,
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Principal

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