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Friday, November 23, 2012

Readathon in Kilcoskan NS

Back on October 12th we launched our school Readathon to support MS Ireland with this short whole school song in assembley:

The Readathon is on
Dear Time sa rang,
haon, dó, trí, ceathar
The Readathon is on

The Readathon is on,
We gotta sing this song
haon, dó, trí, ceathar

With that, the boys and girls in all our classes started reading loads of books (some read more than 10!) for charity.  Some books were big, some small, some long and some short.  In class our pupils did book reviews, wrote about interesting characters, made their own class books and worked on lots of other interesting reading related activities.   The amount of books each pupil read for the Readathon didn't really matter as it was really all about taking part, enjoying our reading, doing our best and raising money for a very good cause.  Thanks to all our sponsors and well done to our pupils because when all the sponsorship cards came in after November 12th we realized that our little school had raised a whopping €1,350!!!  Simply brilliant!

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