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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kilcoskan NS win the Joe Crowe Cup!!!

Victory for Kilcoskan!!
It was the 13th of June 2012. The venue was Mary Queen of Ireland N.S, Rivermeade. It was all set for a great afternoon of football.
In the Fingal league all three teams did well. Kilcoskan got to the final and only lost by a point. St Margarets got to the semi final and Rivermeade came third in their group.
The first game was Kilcoskan vs Mary Queen of Ireland. Kilcoskan got off to a great start with goals from Judy Bobbett and points from Sam Fraughen. With Nicholas Bobbett playing great from full back Rivermeade were really on the rack. In truth this game wasn’t a contest unfortunately. The next game was St Margarets vs  Rivermeade. There was nothing between them.  St. Margarets got the all important goal.  It was cruel on Rivermeade. 
The next game was St Margarets vs Kilcoskan. The first half started with points from Kilcoskan. Just before half time Kilcoskan got a goal from a 45. This meant that Kilcoskan went in at the break 1-2 to 0-0 up.
The second half started with great teamwork from Kilcoskan. There were a few great moves involving Nicholas Bobbett and Sam Fraughen resulting in Judy Bobbett goals! Heading into the last 5 minutes Kilcoskan were well ahead and the fans were unreal chanting “K.N.S. are the best”! The game finished with Kilcoskan well ahead of St Margarets. The final whistle resulted in wild celebrations from Kilcoskan fans and players alike! 
All that was left to do was lift the cup! On their last ever game for Kilcoskan, Judy Bobbett, Sam Fraughen, Nicholas Bobbett and Dylan Cassidy went up to lift the Joe Crowe Cup!
Proud coaches Trish Finnegan and Terri Shanahan watched on as their team celebrated!
Kilcoskan Squad: 1. Jack Murphy 2. Karl Cassidy 3. Nicholas Bobbett 4. Craig Fitzachary 5. Sam Fraughen 6. Dylan Cassidy 7.Connor Shanahan 8. Ciaran Macmanus 9. Judy Bobbett Subs: Alex Stynes, Shauna Stynes, Jack Kelly, Jordan O’Neill, Fergus Bobbett, Niall Feekery, Bart Osuch, Justas Bulvydas, Bradley Egan, Sam Hemeryck, Adam O’Reilly, Ryan Milling
Written by: Sam Fraughen ,  Judy Bobbett and Nicholas Bobbett

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