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Friday, May 25, 2012

Kilcoskan NS Olympics Day

The sun has been shining quite a bit recently so this Friday we decided to hold a new event in our school called “The Great Kilcoskan Olympics”!  There were loads of fun events but it wouldn’t have been a true Olympics without a lavish opening ceremony and we weren’t to be outdone! 

Before the events began, the boys and girls in 3rd and 4th class marched in formation hoisting mini Olympic flames behind our senior infant main flame holder! With a crash of drums and roars from the whole school this main flame was magically hoisted high above our shelter for the day. Then, for the final coup de grace, the Olympic egg (a new addition to the venerable ancient Olympic traditions) was dropped from on high, complete with Olympic parachute.  With the breaking of this special Olympic egg, the cry was sounded…”LET THE GAMES BEGIN!” 

(Ps. Just in case you’re wondering, the flames were all made of paper and the parachuted egg was part of a cool science experiment being conducted by 3rd & 4th class.) Well done all!  

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