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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kilcoskan Newspaper Club

We are a group of children reporting to you from a small school called Kilcoskan National School in North Co Dublin and we think we have one of the best schools in Ireland! After school our teachers run many fun clubs for us to join. This year our teacher -Trish Finnegan - introduced a newspaper club for children from third to sixth class.

Every Tuesday after school our newspaper crew meet for one hour. During this hour we brainstorm potential articles and write them. At our first ever news paper club we came up with a name for a paper. We decided to call it The Great Kilcoskan Newsflash .Working on our crew for us we have a editor, sub editor , reporters and photographers and we all work as one big team to publish the newspaper.

At the moment we cover mostly school events, football matches, Green Schools news, Pet Day, Exotic Fruit Day and much more. In the near future we hope to cover local news events also. We have also advertised local businesses in our paper. Luckily for us we have lots of ICT equipment to help us to write and publish the newspaper.

In each edition of our newspaper we print an article called What’s Cool About Our School! This gives the students a chance to voice their views and opinions about the school. It is a very popular article.

A copy of the newspaper is given to every single family in the school. Newspaper club is educational, interesting and above all fun. We love seeing our hard work coming together. We would recommend starting a News paper Club to any school! Hope you enjoyed reading our article. Over and out from all the Kilcoskan Newsflash!!!

Hopefully this article will be published in a newspaper that goes to schools all around Ireland called Primary Planet!

By: The Kilcoskan Newspaper Club Crew

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