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Monday, October 4, 2010

Kilcoskan goes bonkers for conkers and has a 3rd & 4th Class Olympics on the way!

The conker compition was on Friday 1st of October 2010. It was great for all of us and the teachers. Four kids got to the final. There was a junior section and a senior section. Each finalist won a trophie. As well as the conker compition we had a jersey day to show off our Gaelic jerseys and soccer and rugby jerseys! All kids played and had a blast playing conkers on the day.

3rd and 4th class are doing a solar system at the back of our classroom be sure to have a look!Doing lots of p.e. with the teachers we are also doing the Kilcoskan Olyimpics and this is what we are doing:
sprinting races,
javelin trow
hurdle jumping
relay races
hammer trow
tug of war
long jump
tight rope
obstacle course
800metres /maraton
soccer and
basket ball skills
ping pong
triple jump.

Its going to be so much fun!!!! Anyway thats all for now hope you like our info!

By Connor:) and Karl:)


  1. 5th are the coolest ever and judy she is the best

  2. i agree.fifth class all the way.sam.f is cooooooooooool.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. First class are cool they learn Irish Maths & AliveO.

    Ava Fraughen

  4. no way!!!
    6th are wayyy better than fifth!!!xxxx :D